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Laura and Eric Sartoris

Anthology Photography is made up of Laura and Eric Sartoris.  We’re proud of our reputation as Austin’s premier wedding photography studio, offering top-notch customer service and unbridled enthusiasm. We are different from a lot of other husband and wife teams in that we we were both successful wedding photographers before we met. Once we joined lives and businesses, things took off in the most fabulous ways imaginable! We have never had so much fun, or given our couples such detailed and beautiful stories. We really live for the moment when we show our couples their wedding slideshow for the first time, and they get all choked up, again! We take weddings VERY seriously, making sure we’ve covered every possible angle, each small detail, and every fleeting moment. We combine myriad styles of photography to ensure absolutely complete coverage. The storybook albums we create include the best of traditional portraiture, artistic elements, authentic photojournalism, and stunning editorial/fashion images. While we like to push ourselves creatively and stay on the cutting edge, we also are acutely aware of the fact that couples want albums that will still look amazing in 50 years.  We make sure that no matter how artsy we feel, our pictures always reflect the true personalities of our clients.

We must have some great karma because we get all the coolest, most fun, and most lovable brides and grooms, and all the best weddings. 

Random Facts About Laura:

Laura has three children, whom she finds simply amazing. She would like to have 9 more, but probably won’t.

Self-written vows and reception speeches still make her cry.

If she weren’t a photographer, Laura would be a research astrophysicist.

She loves food. Eating is one of her favorite things.

Eric is another of her favorite things.

Random Facts* About Eric:

Charming. Suave. Muscular. Awesome. These are just a few of the words that Eric Sartoris would use to describe himself.

Born in Jaipur, in the Indian province of a northeast Rajasthan, Eric is the son of a man who flew “Over the Hump” to Burma with Chennault’s Flying Tigers just prior to WWII.

Wounded twice in the battles of Barstow and Tripoli, he recently gained fame for throwing himself in front of an assassin’s bullet at last year’s Academy Awards ceremony, thus saving the life of Oscar nominee Brad Pitt.

It was at that time that Eric was revealed as the vigilante hero of the barrio, El Fiera de Batata (“The Wild Beast of the Sweet Potato”).

Though blind from birth, Eric has so developed his other sensory faculties that he is able to use a camera in ways unlike any other photographer.

Shooting weddings on weekends, he divides the rest of his time between crime-fighting and running a small bodega in a remote village in the Andalusian hills of southern Spain.

Most recently, he misplaced his car keys.

* Hmmm… maybe not exactly “facts”, per se.